Il Gattopardo, London

Restaurant development

RWA have led design teams in the installation of high-end restaurants throughout London’s West End. Our role starts by ensuring the ‘shell’ unit of the proposed restaurant is viable, in its layout and the state of its fabric; these spaces often have very different previous uses, from banks to gallery spaces.

We then collaborate with interior designers from all over Europe, helping them integrate their vision and that of our client with the significant requirements specific to each restaurant, often involving huge amounts of extract ventilation, acoustic separation from adjacent premises or simply ensuring that everything is in place to achieve the most stunning spaces in the city.

At Il Gattopardo we worked with acclaimed Parisian Interior Designers Dion et Arles to create an interior inspired by classic mid-century Italian design. Substantial work was required to tansform a gallery space, with low occupancy and minimal servicing requirements, into a new restaurant for 80 diners, in a range of seating areas,  with a further private dining room. Il Gattopardo is located within the Mayfair Conservation Area.

(Images of completed project copyright, James McDonald)